7th OCTOBER 2016


Hey everyone! We're back and we're better, this time, with a very special shoot we had a while back for Breast Cancer Awareness month. In October, we wear pink! It's about that time when we put on our little pink ribbons to match and stand out to raise awareness on perhaps one of the world’s most rampant killer cancers - in this case, one that is faced most often by women - our sisters and mothers. The unpleasant truth is a lot of us disregard information that is out there about breast cancer; a lot of us are deluded that it only affects those of older age when that really isn't the case. So, let's hit you with some facts baby girl - or boy because it actually affects you too - just knowing it exists is not enough! Did you know that breast cancer is the leading cancer affecting women in Kenya? 70% to 80% of these cases are diagnosed when it’s already too late and this is often attributed to lack of awareness. Pay attention to your body, keep an eye out for anything usual and have annual mammograms. Mammograms are breast x-rays that can reveal breast cancers up to two years before the tumour can be felt by you or your doctor and when its detected early in the localized stage, the relative 5-year survival rate is 100%. Early detection could literally save your life and it’s encouraged to have these conversations with your doctor and peers. Awareness and early detection is key. Though its heart breaking that despite this annual campaign to create awareness, women continue to succumb to breast cancer every year. Remember that pink matters. As inspired by the GOAT, Frank Ocean, it’s more than just pink. Pink Matters, We Matter. Encourage yourself, encourage others, your sisters and friends to be checked every so often, you could save a life. Let's stay informed and stay healthy. For this shoot, we played out our version of Pink Matters. It turned out to be us shooting at an unoccupied mall and rocking our pink polo shirts (S/O Ye). We feel that a lot of emotion was captured in these pictures and we hope that you fall in love the pictures like we did. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Love and Light


By Wams and Edna


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