4th November 2016


Hey guys! It’s been a while since we put up new content; this write up actually took a lot longer than we had anticipated to figure it out, but we finally did. So, welcome back, we hope you’re all doing great! This time we’re talking duality. The law of duality states that everything is on a continuum and has a complementary opposite within the whole. Thus duality of man refers to the nature of mankind to be two fold. Basically, if you look at a coin, though it has two sides, it’s still just one coin. This law of duality seeks to create a sense of balance as without dichotomy there can be no balance. That’s how Ying & Yang works; the bad and the good balance each other out, right? So how does this even begin to relate to fashion? George Simmel pointed out that fashion communicates this dichotomy in that it gives individuals a platform to either express themselves, or to conform to societal expectations. Say two people are each given Ksh.1000 and complete carte blanche to come up on an outfit, they would probably come up with totally different looks; and that’s the beauty of fashion! In relation to this, Ying and Yang though contrasting are in fact complementary and uplift each other as they inter-relate. If we understand this, then it is much easier for us to fully embrace our lives and all that comes our way. Then we can embrace our mistakes as a part of our evolution and growth. It helps us see for the good to exist, we have to go through all the messy bits and rough patches. There must be strife, struggle and some form of pain to help us understand the importance of success when we do get there. So thrive. Thrive in the bad times as in the good because once you realise there will never be light without darkness then life will be a little easier to get by. Besides, all sun & no rain only makes a desert.

Love and Light


By Wams and Edna


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