26th December 2016


Hey guys! We hope you’ve all had an amazing month! 2016 is practically over now, which is insane! So as we come to the end of the year of “realizing stuff”. We took November as a month of reflection. This has been one hell of a year for the both of us. It went nothing like we had anticipated but on the bright side we’ve really learnt so much about each other and even more about ourselves. From experiences with family and friends, to university struggles, to work chaos, it feels like we’ve gone through the most this year.

Taking time off for self-reflection and meditation is important because it allows you to transcend your day to day experiences, see the deeper patterns below the shallow surface, so that you can make better decisions moving forward. As we all prepare to usher in 2017, it is important to look back at 2016 and really think about what we’ve learnt from it. Learning from your mistakes is the only way to grow, so think about what you’ve learnt and how you’ll move forward, rather than beating yourself up about the past. Be gentle with yourself.

Self-reflection can be an empowering experience if you take some time out to really think about yourself and all that’s happening around you. As you learn and unlearn, change your perceptions and “realize stuff” one major lesson is that sometimes you are the toxic person. Sometimes you are the problem, and you’re the one who needs to change. If you begin to see this, then you need to be able to call yourself out on your bullshit and change. So starve your ego and think about what’s REALLY going on in your life and why. It might be uncomfortable trying to be and act different but remember that change doesn't always bring growth, but for growth to occur there must be change. To grow as a person, you need to learn to accept and learn from your mistakes. Blaming everyone and everything around you doesn’t fix anything. It will actually make things harder for you because every time you ignore a lesson the universe is trying to teach you; it will only come back to hit you with a harder test.

Though most of us can agree this has not been the most ideal year, we all have a lot to be grateful for. As much as things may not have gone your way or you may not be where you hoped to be at this point of the year, you are ahead of where you started; and gratitude given now will come back to you in 2017. So let’s be grateful for every breath we take in this choke hold world, and for those that enter our lives with a breath of fresh air. We hope you all have a blessed December, let’s end the year right. 2017 holds incredible things for each of us; you just have to believe it. The law of attraction is EVERYTHING guys. Moving forward, remember that your life is a reflection of your thoughts and if you change your thinking then you will change your life.

Love and Light


By Wams and Edna

Pictures by Brendern Denousse


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