Hey guys! We hope you’re all having a blessed new year.

So the way this post came together was totally random. It all started when the amazing Michael Soi posted a photo on Facebook which caught our attention. As we were going back and forth commenting on the picture, talking about how cool it would be to be painted like that for a shoot someday, he started commenting back and actually offered to work with us on that prospective shoot. We were definitely NOT going to sleep on that opportunity and so, a Facebook group chat was made (LOL) and less than a week later we went to his studio and voila! Everything turned out amazing and the edits by Ukweli made it even MORE epic. We hope you love the pics as much as we do, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think.

Love and Light


Pictures by Brendern Denousse


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17th JANUARY 2017


By Wams and Edna