4th FEBRUARY 2017



By Wams and Edna

Female energy is a beautiful and distinct energy that is severely underrated.  More often than not it is associated with (emotional) weakness, but really it’s what brings out our sensuality, our nurturing abilities and our strength. Female energy is moving energy which shape shifts to nurture our needs and helps to cultivate our personalities -on the softer side. Who said tapping into our sensitive side is all bad?

Femininity is an extremely powerful gift to us as women. Through it we are more open and vulnerable; we create life and are more compassionate. It is a source of confidence and fulfilment; and helps us realise that we are enough, without having to do ‘the most’. Tapping into this energy gives us a sense of strength that adds on to our physical capabilities, helping us be more and do more. Be open minded, feel free to question things, even yourself.

We’re living in an age where we need to learn to listen and connect to our energy.  We must therefore recognize that we have this sacred energy within ourselves, remember it and express it.

“I wish to know myself to the farthest edge of the farthest edge so that I can understand myself”

More life, more love


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