Hey loves! For this post we collaborated with House Of Theluji, an amazing Kenyan jewellery brand, to showcase their latest collection.

The collection can be described as 'Elemental'. In construct, a simple combination of the rudimentary forces: what is earth, fire, water and wind? what is the colour of our skin and the grain of our hair? what elements call forth the absolute strength that lies therein? Femininity and masculinity; a forthright collision of the two. This collection is an exploration of self. In 2017, House of Theluji explores the beauty of the human form with pieces that adorn parts of the human form not often acknowledged. Chain-link chokers that drape the d├ęcolletage from the neck down and, transparent pearls that wrap around the crown.

Gain perspective, zoom into the minute facets of glass. Zoom out to the bigger picture; the look. A goddess. An all too willing slave and his bodacious slave driver. What is in your element?

House of Theluji's 'Elemental' collection will be out in May and available for pre order on Mookh beginning this week.

We hope you enjoy the pics, we love how they turned out! Be sure to check out their Instagram page to shop the pieces.

Love and Light.

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20TH APRIL 2017



By Wams and Edna